Our Activities

The Shahab Niru main fields activities on EPC base are as follows - Power plants - High voltage substation up to 500 KV - High voltage transmission lines up to 400 KV - Distribution and Electrical network of Industrial

Electrical Works

The electrical part Shahab Niru offering services such as Design, Engineering, Procurement and supply, Construction work, Test and Commissioning. Our electrical substation construction and maintenance division is a full service substation contractor specializing in all aspects of 110kV to 500kV substation construction from turnkey greenfield construction to retrofit work. We upgrade existing facilities and work with our experts to install state-of-the-art equipment. We provide all manpower, safety personnel and project management to ensure quality control and a successful project, completed in a timely, safe and environmentally conscious manner.

Testing and Commissioning

Shahab Niru Electrical company offers comprehensive testing and commissioning of complex HV and LV electrical grids components including generation station, transmission line and substation and control& Protection system. We provide full certification for all equipment that are installed and tested and commissioned by ourselves. Shahab Niru has experience in testing and commissioning within all type of environments and location. Our testing documentation provides detailed information on the tests carried out, results and common standard practice for each individual test. Shahab Niru testing and commissioning engineers are equipped with highly sophisticated tools and ultimate testing devices from worldwide companies, Omicron, Megger and Fluke. We provide the best quality and accuracy in testing and commissioning of substation and transmission line. Our test equipment are as below:
CMC 256 Plus Universal Package , CPC 100 , CP CB2 , CB MC2 , HV circuit Breaker Tester , FRANEO 800 , HGT1 , CP TD1 , CP SB1 , CP CU1 , SF6 Point Moisture analyzer HZJL-518

Commercial & Industrial

Shahab Niru has been provided the necessity of his customers with using of the professional teams in commercial sectors and can supply all equipment which is needed in industrial sectors.

Shahab Niru Industrial Services is your Total Solutions Provider for General Contracting, Maintenance, Construction, Mechanical, electrical Projects.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy department of Shahab Niru offering services such as Design, Installation, Procurement and supply, Test and Commissioning, Monitoring, site assessment and Maintenance of Solar on-grid, off-grid, Solar Irrigation & Solar water Heater systems according to IEC standards by certified engineers from international companies. Solar Energy as a Service from Shahab Niru gives homeowners, Industrial Factories and offices the option of low cost of electrical energy for saving money.

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Management and supervision on the implementation of drawings and design works and matching the practical work during the constructional work in site according the design works.

Procurement and supply

Dealing with local and international suppliers to procure the request equipment according to the technical specifications and performing the custom relevant works and the transportation and providing the necessary documents.

Construction work

The construction work is including civil and installation works which will be done according the technical specifications, drawings and under the supervision of the engineering team with appropriate facilities.

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Designing and preparation of substation and Industries plans, including high voltage part, low voltage part and civil part using advanced software by expert engineers inside and outside Afghanistan.

The first professional company in Commercial, Electrical, Industrial and Renewable Energy in Afghanistan