Transformer Oil Purification Workshop

One of Shahab Niru's activities is to improve the quality of education.

Obviously, the industry can never be isolated from education, and it is necessary to have a good industry and the implementation of higher education. It is committed to raising the level of qualification of close and professional cooperation with universities that show their readiness. For the first step, Shahab Niru Company has completed the Transformer Oil Purification Workshop in collaboration with Rabia Balkhi University on July 4, 2018, at the University Hall, which was welcomed by professors and staff of the related organizations, And at the end certificates were issued to the participants of the ceremony.





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The Shahab Niru main fields activities on EPC base are as follows - Power plants - High voltage substation up to 500 KV - High voltage transmission lines up to 400 KV - Distribution and Electrical network of Industrial