Address: Street No.13, Karteh-3, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Shahab Niru

The first professional company in Electrical, Industrial, Commercial, Test & Commissioning and Renewable Energy in Afghanistan


Shahab Niru Company is one of the biggest Afghan companies which works in the field of electrical and industrial projects. Shahab Niru always is known the giving different services as the main element of its success and it seems that Shahab Niru this impossible “collecting all needed information in an organization” to be done.

We are expert on our field without any doubt

Shahab Niru Company is trying to use its experts potentials constantly in special fields and with focusing skills and management is guaranteed his satisfaction customers.

Shahab Niru has this possibility while facing with market opportunities with flexibility and organization adjustment can accept new services in this field.

Construct-ability Reviews


Value Engineering


Cost Estimating




Our Mission

The main target and mission of Shahab Niru is doing the projects which will be the best definition of Shahab Niru. Along with these projects, Shahab Niru is supplier and producer of a wide range of Electrical and Industrial equipment.

Shahab Niru activities are divided in three parts: Industry, Electricity and Commerce and in three fields Shahab Niru company provides a wide engineering services, equipment and also contracts for performing of projects.

Our Clients